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Company introduction

Qingdao Jabetter new material technology co., LTD. Was established in 2009. In 2015, it established a modern factory in Jiaozhou jiaobei industrial park, Qingdao, and established long-term technical cooperation with the polymer college of Qingdao university of science and technology. The company has advanced research and development equipment and a number of senior professional technical personnel and experienced technical service team, we can according to customer demand for product composition analysis, performance evaluation and development of customized products to solve all the difficult problems in the production of customers.

Exhibition promotion

In 2017, participated in the 31st Chinaplas in Guangzhou.

In 2018, participated in Plasindia Exhibition in Gujarat.

In 2018, participated in the 32nd Chinaplas in Shanghai.

In 2019, participate in Domotex floor in Shanghai.

In 2019, participate in the 33rd Chinaplas in Guangzhou.

In 2020, will participate in the 34th Chinaplas in Shanghai.

Honorary and certificate

In 2010, became member of China Plastics Association Plastic and Wood Products Professional Committee

In 2015, became member of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Professional Committee of Rigid PVC Foamed Products

In 2018, became unit member of Integrated Wall Panel sub-association of China Building Materials Market Association and acquired National high-tech enterprise certificate.

In 2019, become member of China Building Materials Market Association

In 2019, Qingdao Jabetter and Qingdao University of Science and Technology established a joint R & D center.

Service Advantage Principle 1
Service Advantage Principle 2

Jabetter and Qingdao University of Science and Technology have established long-term technical cooperation, established a joint cooperative laboratory with advanced experimental equipment which can carry out various product performance evaluation and quality testing, strictly controlling product quality and stability. We can carry out targeted product innovation, optimize formulation and performance accordingly to reduce costs and increase efficiency so as to achieve high-quality production and help customers verify the final product effect after using additives, perform product development quality inspection and receive various professional certification.

Global procurement of high-quality raw materials has greatly reduced costs than enables ultra-high cost performance and market competitiveness of products which has met EU requirement and SGS certification. Jabetter provides one-stop purchase of PVC foaming agent, calcium zinc stabilizer, wood plastic formula and the related series of additives,which saved cost, effort and time. The well experienced engineer team with more than 10 years industrial practical accumulation provides intimate service, timeless communication with clients to solve various production related problems such as product application, equipment debugging. Jabetter has been recognized as an  National High-tech enterprise with 7 related utility model patents.

Analysis of our advantages

After years of development, Jabetter has not only been a supplier of raw material additives but also help our customers from many angles,such as marketing strategy, staff training, quality improvement, cost control, production guidance ,formula optimization, mold matching, equipment recommendation and factory construction guidance. Jabetter is aiming to provide a real ‘Just for better’ concept by create an one-stop service platform and become a pvc rigid foam technology and wood plastic formula and color matching service provider.

We had experienced a very bad material burnt during our production of wallboards that has once caused the stagnation of our production. Through timely feedback on the details of product formula, process and production operation from Jabetter, they made timely response and arranged technical senior engineers on-site guidance in a timely manner that helped us solve the problem within 12 hours. That was a real hand-to-hand technical guide and one-on-one on-site service. Jabetter is truly worthy of our trust.

Mr. Zhang, GM of a SPC company in Chongqing city


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In April, our domestic and foreign sales teams and engineers went to guangzhou to attend the 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition. The booth covered 36 square meters,


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About us Qingdao Jabetter was established in 2009, the new material company has the advanced r&d equipment and a number of senior professional and technical personnel and experienced technical service team, with the Qingdao university of science and technology institute of polymer establish long-term technical cooperation, the company has advanced r&d equipment and a number of senior professional and technical personnel and experienced technical service team, we are not the only agent all kinds of raw materials suppliers, and PVC rigid foam technology, wood and plastic formula and color of the server.
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